Furniture by Jonathan Locke
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Bronx, NY 10454

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An artist, manufacturer, craftsman, teacher, visionary, and entrepreneur, Jonathan Locke redefines and revitalizes what some believe is lost, true craftsmanship. As one of the world’s emerging top custom furniture fabricators, Jonathan has conceptualized and transformed all types of wood into elegant and versatile pieces of furniture.

Born into a lineage of artists and craftsman, Jonathan has emerged to follow his roots with an affinity for constructing wood furniture. From childhood, Jonathan had the gift of creating and piecing things together. He remembers going to the lumber yard by himself at the age of fourteen while his peers engaged in childhood activities, such as ping pong. By the time he was 16 years old, Jonathan was honing his skills and had created a table out of old pallets, taken first place at numerous kite design competitions and received local acclaim as a young aspiring craftsman in his native home of Georgetown, Guyana. It wasn’t until a family friend suggested to Jonathan that he become a furniture designer that he decided to take his craft to new heights and popularize his gift of craftsmanship.

With the pursuit of perfecting and mastering his craftsmanship in mind, Jonathan flew on holiday to England to visit his grandmother. While in England, he was taken by his grandmother to the prestigious school of world renowned furniture maker, John Makepeace. There he was exposed to a variety of exhibits that captured his spirit. Driven with excitement, eagerness, and ambition, Jonathan realized his calling-his vision in life was to focus on furniture making. Jonathan took the initiative and decided to educate himself by taking craftsman classes at a school in England. However, he soon faced adversity with little financial support for school. Although faced with this challenge, Jonathan continued to pursue his craft and made the decision to move to New York City.

In New York Jonathan persevered. With the educational expertise from Leeds Design Workshop in East Hampton, Massachusetts and interior design course at Parson’s School of Design, Jonathan was offered a starting position at New York’s leading furniture designing firm Dakota Jackson. At Dakota Jackson, he quickly rose to the top position where he specialized in veneering, building custom pieces and prototype development. Armed with that, Jonathan set up shop by establishing his very own custom furniture manufacturing company, Timehri Workshop, where beautifully designed pieces of furniture are made for a variety of designers.

Jonathan’s gift to produce furniture has availed him national and international acclaim. He was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for Home & Office Cabinetry from the Association of the American Institution of Architects (2001) and has worked on mass production projects in Bogotá, Columbia and Georgetown, Guyana. Furthermore, Jonathan’s distinctive fabricating and problem solving skills have received widespread public recognition at the Museum of Modern Art, Cooper Hewitt Museum and many publications, such as ShopDesign (2000), Architectural Digest (2001), Small Spaces (2001), Chicago Tribune Magazine (2003), and Living Large in Small Spaces (2003).

From corporate offices to celebrity homes including Mercedes Benz, Timberland, Wesley Snipes and John McEnroe, to the displays of Bloomingdale’s and Barney’s, Jonathan has fabricated and created furniture for a dynamic roster of notable designers. Through his pursuits, Jonathan has matured like the many craftsmen before him and aspires to continue to broaden his range of work and create things that embody the spirit and vision of every client.

With more than 20 years of fine craftsmanship and furniture manufacturing, Jonathan has only just begun. One of his future endeavors includes creating his own television show where he hopes to demystify the process of furniture making by presenting to the viewers how physical objects go together in a practical, yet innovative way. Jonathan’s work can only be called exquisite and his skills should be appreciated, as it is truly an exceptional art. Jonathan is in fact one of the premier craftsmen and artists of his generation. While running Timehri Workshop, Jonathan has been teaching furniture making at Parson’s School of Design for the last 4 years.